That Christmas Feeling.

The older I get, the more that I realize…

That Christmas “feeling” is not really about Christmas morning.  When I was small, it was all about the countdown.  The months, the days, the moment when all the paper would come off and I could finally bury my hands deep into my stocking.  Laughter.  Smiles.  A full morning of playtime with brand new toys (and eating candy well before 10am…hurrah!!)

Being an older, working adult (*gasp*), it’s easy to feel slightly lost around Christmas.  After all, it’s not like the thought of Christmas gifts is what captures my thoughts for the entire month of December anymore.  And I don’t dog ear the pages of toy catalogs in hopes that someone will take notice (well…unless you count crate and barrel as a toy catalog.) 😉

But.  Before you think this is another one of those depressing posts about how Christmas just isn’t the same as an adult, let me clarify.

I love Christmas.  I love it, perhaps, even more than I did as a little girl.  I am one of those hopeless sentimental sorts who enjoys traditions, memories, family, etc.  Nothing makes me happier than sipping on hot chocolate while decorating the Christmas tree and talking about all of the wonderful memories standing behind each ornament.  

Yes, it’s easy to feel slightly lost as an adult during the holiday season (it’s pretty common!)  With so many Christmas songs geared towards that longing to feel like a child on Christmas morning again, it’s easy to see why so many people feel there is something amiss.  But I’ve learned that it’s actually pretty silly to try and recreate that lens of a child.  Christmas isn’t really about having a certain “feeling.”  Christmas is a celebration of something special and wonderful.  An event that can literally change our lives completely.  That one little moment, when Jesus came to earth in the most vulnerable way possible.  

Christmas – to me – is also about family, friends, faith, (food!)

And felines (can’t forget Mr. Bogart!)


This year I’m determined to focus more on the actual meaning of Christmas and less on the shopping and gifts.

Because that’s when Christmas truly “feels” right.