Holiday Eating.

As a Registered Dietitian, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “how do I get myself to avoid all the delicious foods around Christmas/Thanksgiving/etc.?”

It’s true that many people will put on some weight during the holiday season.  It’s also true that the added weight tends to stay on throughout the year which can inevitably compound the problem.

However, this happens to be my most FAVORITE time of the year and I refuse (refuse!!!) to feel guilty for indulging at a Christmas party.  And I refuse (REFUSE!!!) to say no to the second cookie.


Christmas is one day out of 365; there’s obviously more to weight gain than one day alone.

My solution?

I eat what I want on any given holiday.  Do I want gravy on my mashed potatoes?  YES!  Do I want an extra dessert after dinner?  YES!  Do I want a glass of wine with my meal?  YES!

The secret, of course, is balance.

My solution is to cut back just a little a couple days before and a couple days after.  I might have a large veggie salad with an egg or some beans for lunch.  I’ll have a light breakfast of yogurt and fruit.  I’ll swap out my usual late night dessert of dark chocolate and add in a cup of green tea.  Nothing too dramatic and nothing that leaves me feeling deprived or starved.  Just enough to balance things out.

What do you do when you spend a little too much on that cute pair of shoes?  You cut back on a couple of other little things until it all evens out.  (Or you save a little extra beforehand.)

It’s just like that.


And holiday eating.

It’s all about balance.